In May 2023, we held the first-ever Flood Stopping Project meeting, marking the kick-off of this Erasmus+ project.

At the Area Europa headquarters in Bologna, Italy, eight partners from seven different countries gathered together to discuss the two-year development plan, whose goal is to implement “innovative methodologies for locating flood management strategies for climate change adaptation through storytelling, mapping, and gaming tools.”

In other words, this project, co-funded by the European Union, aims to initiate education processes on climate change and its effects, targeting high school teachers with a cross-sectoral, interdisciplinary and transnational approach.

The partners have detailed activities and innovative methodologies and tools which will be used during the project for teaching flood risk management, such as infographics, mapping, and games. Doing so will boost school teachers’ awareness about global warming and flood risks, providing them with innovative educational tools and supporting their climate change adaptation process using a cross-sectoral, interdisciplinary, and transnational approach.

As global warming has already significantly impacted our lives, education and awareness are crucial components of the adaptation to climate change. Without taking action to prepare for the actual effects of change and its potential future impact, we can not hope to improve the adaptive capacity of the global population and reduce the overall vulnerability of the planet and its inhabitants.

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