With our Flood Stopping Toolkit our primary aim is to equip educators with the necessary scientific knowledge and adept storytelling skills, empowering them to transmit their insights gained through the Flood Stopping Training to both their students and local communities.

However, our project results are not confined to educators alone! They are readily accessible to anyone interested in delving into flood risk management tools and acquiring valuable knowledge to mitigate the consequences of climate change events: therefore, whether you’re at school, in the comfort of your home, or within your community, we extend an invitation to explore our comprehensive Flood Stopping Toolkit!
Choose your favorite one! 


Engaging yourself in informative audio content designed to deepen your understanding about flood risk management


About infographics and mapping for navigating the complex world of flood prevention

Learning content

Animated Learning Contents

For going beyond literature or a strictly narrative approach and allowing interdisciplinary link

Augmented Reality Board Game

Turning learning into an interactive experience

Community App

For accessing knowledge and being connected conveniently on your mobile device.