Our Animated Learning Contents created by Low Carbon Economy, is purpose-built to serve as an educational aid, enhancing the teaching of subjects that extend beyond traditional literature or strictly narrative approaches, converging and being complementary to our Podcasts
This dynamic tool versatility allows for the establishment of interdisciplinary connections, facilitating the integration of content, learning, and transversal skill development.
Gain essential insights on navigating floods, from proactive planning to post-event strategies!
Learning content

How To Communicate Climate Change – Some Suggestions For Planning Your Lessons As Engaging Learning Activities

In this insightful video, we delve into an innovative teaching methodology designed to actively involve students in learning about climate change. It offers practical tools and activities, including integrating visual aids and hands-on projects, to make complex scientific concepts accessible and engaging. Teachers will find valuable strategies for adapting their teaching to foster a more student-centred, experiential learning journey. Join us as we empower educators to inspire and equip students to confront climate change challenges creatively and effectively.

Flood Stopping – What To Do During A Flood?

In this video, learn how to effectively respond to flood situations, emphasising the importance of staying safe indoors. It guides viewers through essential steps to minimise risks and implement measures that can be lifesaving during unexpected flood events. Stay informed and prepared with this concise yet comprehensive guide on flood safety.

Flood Stopping – What to Do After a Flood?

This informative video provides essential guidelines for safe practises following a flood. Learn crucial tips for effective preparedness and response strategies, helping navigate the aftermath of flood events safely and efficiently. Stay alert and informed for better recovery post-flood.