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Discover a treasure trove of scientific insights on flooding risk and management, as well as expert communication skills for teaching climate change issues.

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How to communicate climate change:

Some suggestions for planning your lessons as engaging learning activities 

This podcast provides strategies and ideas to implement in your classroom, fostering active participation among students. Placing students at the heart of the learning journey, these four steps serve as a comprehensive guide – from setting objectives to conducting final evaluations – ensuring an impactful educational experience.

Success stories on adaptation strategies:

What to do if you want your school to be a success case?

Within this podcast, you’ll gain access to some scientific advice, ideas, tips and tools for making your school a success story in flood adaptation. 

The aim is to increase awareness and empower students by spreading good practices

Flood critically and vulnerability: how to act?

A real-life testimony teaches us how to face a flooding event

In this podcast an Italian entrepreneur tells us his personal misadventure and reveals to us the most common bad behaviors during a flooding event.
By listening to his experience there’s much to learn, being a valuable guide for handling better similar situations in the future.