Area Europa is a co-operative consulting firm, established in Bologna in 1999, with the aim of promoting cooperation and social and economic development in Europe. Its services focus on design, coordination and financial management of EU financed projects, as well as business strategy and development consultancy, event organisation and training. 


Area Europa provides knowledge and solutions for sustainable development and climate change adaptation and mitigation. For over 20 years, the team has engaged and partnered with organizations across sectors to advance environmental practices and sustainable livelihoods, designing and implementing sustainable development and educational projects.

IDL is an SME studio based in the rural area of the French region of Auvergne, focusing on designing sustainable, meaningful and intrinsically motivating learning experiences, placing education and training in the spotlight of its core mission. 


IDL focuses on three key activities: game-based learning, instructional design & training and usability. The studio has designed or provided consulting services around a variety of educational games for mobile devices, desktop computers, motion sensor controls, AR/VR technologies as well as interactive tabletops and surfaces.

Low Carbon Economy Foundation (LCEF) is a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) founded in 2014 and located in La Vall d’Uixó, Valencian Community (Spain). The Foundation is committed to sustainable and low carbon solutions. Its members are professionals in education, sustainability, environment and possess an extended network of VET educational centres, green enterprises, eco-associations and youth organisations. 


The primary aim of the Foundation is to promote trainings, dissemination, demonstration, mentoring, financing, consultancy and comprehensive management in environment and sustainability areas based on a low carbon economy model. Low Carbon Economy Foundation is also involved in the installation of demonstrative facilities and in the development of experiential pilot projects.

The Right Street is a Brussels-based digital agency that offers companies, industry associations, EU institutions, consultancies and NGOs the best in digital communications and advocacy services. Along the way, we’ve attracted a trusted team of senior consultants who help us deliver real value for our clients. 


Our clients have included Google, Novartis, the EU Institutions, Maastricht University, Transparency International as well as EU stakeholders such as EFPIA, LPG Europe, PostEurop, Soft Drinks Europe, as well as luxury brands like Langerman Diamonds.

With its nineteen member institutions, the University of Maribor is turning into a central development institution attracting talented students from all over the world and providing a development context where excellence is at home at all levels.It is developing new fields, testing new teaching and learning methods and constantly searching for new methods of cooperation with its environment.


The Faculty of Organizational Sciences is a founding member of the University of Maribor. It has been involved in research and education about the organizational sciences and management sciences for more than 60 years. It represents one of the main institutions that provide outstanding conditions for regional development in Slovenia and is also very active in various kinds of international cooperation.

The Livadia Regional High School is a public secondary school. This year has almost 650 students from 15 to 18 years old. There are 105 teachers to teach 40 different subjects. 


It is our strong belief that a European scope should be adopted at our school engaging students and staff in European educational programs, ensuring thus the efficient functioning of our institution and securing the greatest benefit to the greatest number of students and staff. 


By implementing this creed  in their classroom workflow, the teachers from the participating education centers can expect a higher level of participation in the scheduled activity, a wide variety of visual stimuli for their classes, more collaborative environment in the classroom, an increased use of the English language, developing both listening and speaking skills, and, to conclude, a significant level of implementation of the blended learning methodology.

Since the foundation of the School in 1856, the vision and continuous effort of Soeurs and their Coworkers are the creation of a school open to the world, a school that would create culture and serves as an unconditional humanitarian model of education, that would shape completed personalities, which would know how to distinguish and select the beautiful, the moral, the ideal and to be capable to excel in the challenging world. 


The Order of Saint Joseph of the Apparition has schools all over the world with the aim of teaching children, helping the local communities, doing charitable work and protecting and preserving the environment.

SpostaMenti Association (no-profit cultural association) was born in 2016 with the aim of producing cultural, educational  and narrative events to convey social, environmental and cultural issues. 


Its mission  is to use narration, mixed with different languages (the written word, music, images, graphics) to convey complex themes, that require a language that facilitates an emotional understanding, even before a cognitive understanding The narrative filter allows you to experiment possible scenarios and to more easily bypass pre-judicial resistance and favor displacements compared to consolidated beliefs.


SpostaMenti Association has set up the “Officina Narrazioni” laboratory. It is the place where stories are produced, like a mechanical workshop, but instead of machines, stories, ideas and testimonies arrive.

“Sometimes we go around looking for them, sometimes we meet them, sometimes they find us”.