On the 9th and 10th of November 2023, the Flood Stopping project partners met – for the second time in person! –  in La Vall D’Uixo, close to Valencia, for a two-day workshop – the first project’s LTTA meeting, the learning, teaching and training activities designed for teachers.

This workshop aimed to equip teachers with essential scientific knowledge and storytelling tools for discussing climate change and flood risk management in their classrooms, defining the content and form of activities that should be practised to engage students and to learn more about floods.

This was a deeply cooperative moment, where we all tapped together into the expertise of each partner, ranging from communication to teaching to different levels of students to creating material for information and learning.

We started by discussing the best ways to communicate about climate change to drive and motivate people to take action. Then, we explored how these best practices translated into the material we drafted, like the podcasts, the videos and the manual. The final version you can enjoy today is the outcome of that process.


We also looked at different ways to examine the impact of climate change and floods on urban environments. We walked around la Vall D’Uixo, taking part in a walk-shop to identify key elements of city planning, like drainage points and higher grounds, that make a difference in preventing and managing floods. 

This exercise led to lively discussions on generating the best meaningful infographics, an irreplaceable tool for sharing information. These discussions are now feeding into preparing upcoming deliverables, like our augmented reality board and our community app. Stay tuned for more! They’re coming soon!

This creative exchange and production took place in a location made lovely by scenery and company, with convivial moments where we had the occasion to learn more about the local culture, geographical attractions, and, of course, culinary specialities.