One of the most pressing issues of our time is addressing climate change and its consequences. Its effects are impacting European residents in a variety of ways, including a significant increase in flooding. The report of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change last summer reported an increase in extreme rainfall, rain and river flooding in Central and Western Europe, which are set to increase if gas emissions are not reduced and the dangerous 2°C rise in global temperature is reached.

Moreover, according to a detailed research by the World Weather Attribution, it is clear how climate change has increased the probability of extreme rainfall by up to 9 times, the intensity of such rainfall by up to 13% and has affected 1-2 days of summer rainfall, i.e. in Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands in July 2021.


The risk’s perception

Lots of people use to consider the effects of upheavals about the Earth’s climate, like a distant thematic, that concerns other places and other nations....

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Floods, management & society

Climate change brings with it extreme weather events, which are increasingly frequent occurrences. Warming the Earth’s atmosphere and oceans leads to changes in precipitation patterns,...

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